The National Mandate Party Officially Set Hatta Rajasa as Presidential Candidate

Hatta Rajasa, The Next Indonesian President from The National Mandate Party
The National Mandate Party (PAN) was officially set a PAN chairman Hatta Rajasa as a candidate for president in election 2014. The decision was unanimously confirmed in the National Working Meeting of PAN 2011.

The decision was delivered by Secretary General of the PAN Taufik Kurniawan after a news conference in Jakarta, Sunday (12/11/2011) night. Attending other PAN officials, such as Tjatur Sapto Edy, Zulkifli Hasan, and Arya Bima.

"The chairman sets Hatta Rajasa be the only candidate for the PAN can take part in the 2014 Presidential Election," said Taufik.

With that statement, PAN is the first political party to officially declare its cadres to advance in the Presidential Election of 2014.

Taufik said that support came from the consolidation of the Regional Representatives Council 427. Then, the urgency of the DPD was supported throughout the Territory's Legislative Council in Conggress.

Follow-up of decisions, continued Taufik, the managers of the DPD until the center was asked to form a successful team winning Hatta. As for other Conggress results, he said, could not be published because is internal.

What is the response Hatta on PAN's attitude?

When confirmed after the closing Conggress in Jakarta, Sunday (11/12/2011), Hatta did not answer unequivocally. "The response, the first work, a second work, all three works. This year I said not a political year, "said Hatta.

The National Mandate Party Officially Set Hatta Rajasa as Presidential Candidate

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